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Map of Life Reading

Allow us to help you navigate through Life with a Map of Life Reading

A Map of Life reading is exactly as the name implies. It is literally mapping out your life in front of you, using Clairvoyance & Mediumship.
We can give insight into your future potentials and guide you on the correct pathway to acheive your goals.

Clairvoyant Healing

Identify and clear what is holding you back from the lifestyle and happiness you desire

We take an energetic approach to identifying the reasons why you are not happy, healthy or achieving the lifestyle you desire. We can then assist you to remove the energetic causes that are sustaining your current life, allowing you to create a lifestyle of health, happiness and contentment.

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“Keys to Abundance”

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Keys to Abundance

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Client Testimonials

Enjoying the Clarity

Just had to write and say thank you. Your suggestions have prompted me to look at areas of my life which needed illuminating. I enjoy the overriding feeling that nothing in your reading, is "set in concrete" and that I have free will. Having said that you clarify where my energies are probably best spent,

IIICT Certified Practitioners

Kim Platzer-Sowter

Kim Platzer

Body/Soul Meta-Physician

For 20 years I have worked as a professional reader, healer and researcher into the paranormal.

Ben Sowter

Ben Sowter

Body/Soul Meta-Physician

For over 7 years I have been offering Sound Healings and Psychic Mediumship readings.

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Keys to Abundance

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